French Politicians Debate Use of Artificial Intelligence for Olympic Security - Credit: France 24

French Politicians Debate Use of Artificial Intelligence for Olympic Security

The French Parliament is currently debating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor athletes during the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. The proposal has sparked a heated debate among lawmakers, with some arguing that it would be an effective way to ensure safety and security at the event while others are concerned about potential privacy violations.

The idea of using AI-assisted surveillance for the Olympics was first proposed by France’s Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu last year. She argued that such technology could help detect suspicious behavior or objects, as well as provide real-time information on crowd movements and other activities taking place around venues. The minister also suggested that facial recognition software could be used to identify people who have been banned from attending events due to previous misconduct or criminal activity.

However, many members of parliament have expressed their concerns over this plan, citing worries about how data collected through AI surveillance might be used and stored after the games are over. They fear that personal information gathered during these operations could end up being misused or abused by authorities in ways not intended by those providing consent for its collection in the first place.

In response to these criticisms, Maracineanu has sought to reassure MPs by emphasizing that any data collected will only be used for security purposes related directly to ensuring safety at Olympic venues and events – nothing more than what is necessary for this purpose alone. Additionally, she noted that all data gathered will remain within France’s borders and will not be shared with third parties outside of government agencies responsible for protecting public order during the games themselves.

Despite her assurances however, there remains a great deal of skepticism among legislators regarding this issue – particularly when it comes to questions surrounding transparency and accountability when it comes to how exactly such systems would work in practice before they were deployed at major sporting events like the Olympics next summer. As one MP put it: “We need guarantees from both sides [the government] so we can trust them… We don’t want our citizens’ rights violated without knowing why.”

In light of these ongoing debates between politicians over whether or not AI should play a role in monitoring athletes during next year’s Olympic Games in Paris, one thing is certain: whatever decision is ultimately made must take into account both public safety needs as well as individual privacy rights if it is going achieve widespread acceptance amongst all stakeholders involved – including members of parliament themselves! Ultimately though only time will tell if France’s leaders can come together on an agreement which satisfies everyone’s concerns before July 2021 arrives – when thousands upon thousands descend upon Paris’ iconic stadiums ready cheer on their favorite teams competing against each other under global spotlight!

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