7 Of The Weirdest AI-Generated Commercials...So Far - Credit: Gizmodo

7 Of The Weirdest AI-Generated Commercials…So Far

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in the advertising industry for a while now, and it’s only getting more advanced. AI-generated commercials are becoming increasingly popular as companies look to create ads that stand out from the crowd. From chatbots to deepfakes, AI is being used to produce some of the most creative and eye-catching advertisements ever seen. Here are seven of the weirdest AI-generated commercials so far:

1. Chatbot Ads – Companies like Microsoft have created chatbot ads that allow customers to interact with an automated version of their brand mascot or spokesperson. These bots can answer questions about products, provide customer service support, and even offer discounts on certain items.

2. Deepfake Ads – Deepfakes use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate realistic images or videos based on existing footage or photographs. This technology has been used by brands such as Nike and Adidas to create ads featuring celebrities who don’t actually appear in them physically but still appear convincing enough for viewers not to notice any difference between real life actors and computer generated ones!

3. Augmented Reality Ads – Augmented reality (AR) is another form of AI technology that allows users to view virtual objects within a physical environment using their smartphone camera or other device’s display screen . Brands like IKEA have taken advantage of this tech by creating AR apps which enable customers to virtually “try out” furniture before they buy it – giving them a better idea if it will fit into their home without having visit stores in person first!

4. Voice Activated Ads – Voice activated ads use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms combined with voice recognition software so that consumers can ask questions about products directly through their devices’ microphones instead of typing queries into search engines manually . Amazon Alexa is one example where users can ask questions related product information such as price comparisons , availability etc., all without leaving their homes!

5 Video Game Advertisements– Video game developers have started incorporating AI into video games themselves, allowing players control characters with facial expressions , body movements , dialogue options etc.. This type of advertisement gives gamers an immersive experience when playing titles such as Grand Theft Auto V which features interactive billboards throughout its virtual world !

6 Virtual Influencers– Virtual influencers are computer generated avatars designed specifically for marketing purposes . They often feature humanlike characteristics including facial expressions , clothing styles & personalities tailored towards specific target audiences . For instance Lil Miquela was created by Brud Inc., a company focused on developing digital humans for entertainment & advertising campaigns !

7 Automated Storytelling– Automated storytelling uses machine learning algorithms & natural language processing techniques so computers can write stories based off data sets provided by marketers . This type of ad campaign enables brands tell stories quickly & effectively without needing human input every step along way – saving time money while also increasing engagement levels among potential customers !

AI-generated commercials may seem strange at first glance but they’re quickly becoming commonplace in today’s modern world thanks advances made within artificial intelligence technologies over past few years . As these technologies continue evolve we’ll likely see even more bizarre yet innovative ways which companies utilize them promote their products services online ! |7 Of The Weirdest AI-Generated Commercials…So Far|Advertising|Gizmodo

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