The Founders of Instagram Release a New Artificial Intelligence News App - Credit: Gizmodo

The Founders of Instagram Release a New Artificial Intelligence News App

Instagram is introducing a new AI-powered feature that will help you stay up to date with the latest news. The Instagram Artifact News app, which is currently in beta testing, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to curate and deliver personalized news stories tailored to your interests.

The app works by analyzing your past interactions on Instagram such as posts you’ve liked or commented on, as well as other data points like location and time of day. It then uses this information to suggest relevant articles from trusted sources like CNN, BBC, Reuters and more. You can also customize the topics you want to see more of by selecting them from a list of categories including politics, sports, entertainment and technology.

Artifact News has been designed with user privacy in mind; all data collected is anonymized so it cannot be used for targeted advertising or any other purpose outside of delivering personalized content recommendations. Additionally, users have full control over their experience; they can choose what type of content they want to see and when they receive notifications about new stories.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has ventured into providing news services; last year it launched IGTV which allows users to watch long-form videos from creators around the world directly within its platform. However Artifact News takes things one step further by leveraging AI technology for an even more personalised experience that helps keep people informed about what matters most to them without having to leave the comfort of their feed.

In addition to helping people stay up-to-date with current events, Artifact News could also prove beneficial for businesses looking for ways engage customers through timely updates about their products or services – something that would otherwise require significant effort if done manually via traditional methods such as email marketing campaigns or print media advertisements . By using AI algorithms instead , companies can easily target specific audiences based on their interests while still maintaining complete control over how often messages are sent out .

Overall , Instagram’s introduction of Artifact News marks another milestone in its journey towards becoming an all – encompassing social media platform where users not only connect but also get access valuable information at just a few taps away . With this new feature , staying informed has never been easier – no matter who you are or where you live .

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