"Weird as Hell: Text-to-Video Generative AI Has Finally Arrived" - Credit: Gizmodo

Weird as Hell: Text-to-Video Generative AI Has Finally Arrived

AI technology has come a long way in recent years, and now it’s being used to create art. Runway ML’s ModelScope AI is an artificial intelligence tool that can turn text into video art. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to interpret the words you type and generate visuals based on them.

ModelScope AI was created by Runway ML, a platform for creative machine learning projects. The company wanted to make it easier for people to explore the possibilities of NLP-based art creation without having to learn complex coding languages or spend hours creating their own algorithms. With ModelScope AI, all you need is some text and imagination—the rest is handled by the software itself.

The process starts with typing out your desired message or story into the interface provided by ModelScope AI. Once you hit enter, the software will begin analyzing your words using its built-in NLP capabilities and generating visuals based on what it finds in your inputted text. You can then customize these visuals further with different color palettes, shapes, sizes, textures and more until they match exactly what you had envisioned when writing out your story or message initially.

Once finished customizing your artwork within ModelScope AI’s interface, users have several options for how they want their final product delivered: as a still image file; as an animated GIF; or even as a short video clip! This makes it easy for anyone who wants to share their creations online via social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram—allowing them to express themselves creatively while also taking advantage of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition to providing users with an easy way of creating unique visual content from scratch without any prior knowledge of coding languages or algorithms required—ModelScope AI also offers educational resources about machine learning topics such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision systems (CVS), deep learning networks (DLNs) etc., which are essential components behind this type of technology today! These resources provide valuable insight into how these various techniques work together in order for us humans be able create something beautiful from nothing but our own thoughts alone!

Overall, Runway ML’s Modelscope AI provides us with yet another example of just how far we have come in terms of utilizing artificial intelligence tools towards creative endeavors such as digital art production! Not only does this platform offer users access to powerful features that allow them quickly generate stunning visuals from mere words – but also provides educational materials so that everyone can gain better understanding about underlying technologies driving this type innovation forward today!

Original source article rewritten by our AI: Gizmodo




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