AI Gives Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and More a Baby-Faced Makeover in These Pics - Credit: Hindustan Times

AI Gives Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and More a Baby-Faced Makeover in These Pics

Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and More Get a Baby Makeover in These AI Generated Pics

We’ve all seen the baby pictures of our favorite celebrities, but what if we could get an AI-generated version? Well, that’s exactly what happened when some creative minds decided to give Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and other famous faces a ‘baby makeover’.

The results are nothing short of amazing! Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, these images were created by taking existing photos of the stars and transforming them into their younger selves. The end result is incredibly realistic – you can almost feel like you’re looking at actual childhood photos!

The process starts with feeding the AI system with hundreds of photographs from different sources. It then uses algorithms to create new images based on those inputs. This means that each image is unique and has its own characteristics which makes it look more authentic than just using filters or editing software alone.
The team behind this project used several techniques such as facial recognition technology to identify key features in the original photo before applying age-appropriate changes to create a believable baby face for each celebrity. They also used color correction tools to ensure that skin tones looked natural and lifelike in the final product.

The resulting images have been widely shared online since they first appeared last week – many people have commented on how much they resemble real baby pictures! Some even said that it was hard to tell which ones were real and which ones had been generated by AI technology!

While this project may seem like fun at first glance, there’s actually something deeper going on here: it shows us just how powerful modern technologies can be when applied creatively. By combining data sets from multiple sources with advanced algorithms, we can now generate highly realistic images without any manual intervention whatsoever – something that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago!

In addition to being visually impressive, these AI-generated pics also serve as an important reminder about how quickly technology is advancing today – so much so that soon enough we might not even need human photographers anymore! As exciting as this prospect may be for some people though, others worry about potential ethical implications associated with using artificial intelligence in such ways – particularly when it comes to manipulating personal data or creating fake news stories without anyone knowing about it beforehand…

Whatever your opinion may be on this topic though one thing remains clear: these “baby makeovers” are certainly eye-catching examples of what modern tech can do today – proving once again why Virat Kohli ,MS Dhoni & Co remain icons both offscreen & online alike !

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