"Use AI to Get a Little Help From Your Friends: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - IGN First" - Credit: IGN

Use AI to Get a Little Help From Your Friends: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – IGN First

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been a hit with fans since its release, and now players can get a little help from their AI friends. In an update to the game, Respawn Entertainment has added AI companions that will assist you in your journey as a Jedi survivor.

The new feature is called “AI Companions” and it allows players to select one of three different characters to accompany them on their adventure. The first companion is BD-1, who is a small droid that can be used for hacking terminals or providing health boosts during combat. The second companion is Cere Junda, an experienced Jedi Knight who provides guidance and support throughout the game. Finally, there’s Greez Dritus, an alien pilot who helps out with transportation needs and offers comic relief when needed.

These companions are designed to make the game easier for those struggling with certain aspects of gameplay or just looking for some extra help along the way. They provide useful abilities such as healing powers or access to locked areas but they also offer emotional support by offering words of encouragement during tough times or simply being there when things seem bleakest.

In addition to these helpful features, each character also brings unique dialogue options which allow players to learn more about them while deepening their connection with the story line at large. For example, Cere Junda shares her experiences as a former Padawan learner while BD-1 reveals his backstory through conversations between him and Cal Kestis (the protagonist). This adds another layer of depth not only into how these characters interact but also how they affect our hero’s journey overall – something we don’t often see in video games today!

Respawn Entertainment has done an amazing job creating this feature which gives Star Wars fans even more reason to love this already fantastic title! With AI companions now available in Fallen Order it makes playing through this epic story even more enjoyable than before – so if you haven’t tried it yet then what are you waiting for? Get ready for some exciting adventures ahead!

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