Ex-Google CEO Opposes Pause On AI Development Says It Will Only Benefit China - Credit: India Today

Ex-Google CEO Opposes Pause On AI Development Says It Will Only Benefit China

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has come out in opposition to a pause on the development of artificial intelligence (AI). He believes that such a move would only benefit China, as it is currently leading the way in AI research and development.
Schmidt made his comments during an online discussion with former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. During their conversation, he argued that halting progress on AI would be detrimental to the United States’ competitive edge over China.
He said: “If we were to stop all work on AI for some period of time, I think it’s quite clear who would win this race.” He added that while there are legitimate concerns about how AI can be used responsibly, stopping its development altogether was not the answer.
The ex-Google CEO also noted that many countries have already begun investing heavily in developing new technologies related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. As such, any pause or slowdown could put them ahead of the US when it comes to innovation and technological advancement.
Schmidt went on to say that instead of pausing research into AI technology, governments should focus more attention on regulating its use responsibly and ethically. This includes ensuring data privacy laws are up-to-date and properly enforced so individuals’ personal information is protected from misuse or exploitation by companies or other entities seeking commercial gain from using people’s data without their consent.
In addition, Schmidt suggested creating incentives for businesses who develop ethical applications for artificial intelligence technology rather than those which exploit users’ data without permission or cause harm through automated decision making processes based solely upon algorithms designed by humans with limited understanding of complex situations they may encounter in real life scenarios involving human interaction with machines powered by Artificial Intelligence systems .
Finally, he concluded his remarks by saying: “We need thoughtful regulation around these issues because if we don’t do something now then we will regret it later.”
In conclusion, Eric Schmidt believes strongly against a pause being placed on furthering Artificial Intelligence technology due to potential benefits gained by other nations like China; instead he suggests focusing efforts towards responsible regulation surrounding its use as well as incentivizing ethical application developments within this field so no one nation gains too much advantage over another when competing globally within this space .

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