"Salomé Gomis-Trezise Uses AI to Transform Her Photography into Mesmerizing Images" - Credit: It's Nice That

Salomé Gomis-Trezise Uses AI to Transform Her Photography into Mesmerizing Images

Salomé Gomis-Trezise is a photographer who has recently completed an exciting project. The project, titled ‘The Trezise Project’, was inspired by the artist’s own family history and explores themes of identity and belonging.

Salomé Gomis-Trezise is a French photographer based in London whose work focuses on exploring identity and belonging through portraiture. Her latest project, ‘The Trezise Project’, draws upon her own family history to explore these themes further.

Growing up with two cultures – French and British – Salome felt that she had no real sense of home or place to belong; this feeling of displacement became the inspiration for her new series. Through photography, Salome wanted to capture how people can feel both connected and disconnected from their heritage at the same time.

To create the series, Salome travelled around France visiting places where her ancestors lived before they moved away in search of a better life abroad. She took photographs of each location as well as portraits of local people living there today – capturing what it means to be rooted in one place while also being part of something bigger than yourself.

In addition to taking photographs for the series, Salome also interviewed some of those featured in her images about their experiences growing up between two cultures – allowing them to share their stories alongside hers within the project itself. This combination creates an intimate portrait not only into Salome’s personal story but also into those who have shared similar experiences across generations past and present alike.

By combining elements such as portraiture with documentary style photography, The Trezise Project offers viewers an insight into what it means to be part of multiple identities at once – something which many people can relate too regardless if they come from different backgrounds or not . It allows us all reflect on our own sense selfhood whilst simultaneously connecting us with others through shared experience .

Ultimately , The Trezise Project serves as a reminder that we are all more interconnected than we may think ; even when separated by distance , culture or language , we still remain united by our common humanity . As such , it provides us with hope that despite our differences , we can still find ways to connect with one another through understanding each other’s stories .

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