Tom Brady sends cease and desist over AI standup special - Credit: Joblo

Tom Brady sends cease and desist over AI standup special

Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback of the New England Patriots, recently sent a cease and desist letter to an AI-powered standup comedy special. The special was set to feature a digital version of Brady as its star comedian.
The company behind this project is called End Cue, which specializes in creating interactive entertainment experiences using artificial intelligence technology. They had planned on releasing the show later this year but have since been forced to put it on hold due to legal action from Tom Brady’s team.
In response to receiving the cease and desist letter, End Cue released a statement saying that they “respectfully disagree” with Tom Brady’s decision and are currently exploring their options for how best to proceed with their project. They also noted that they believe there is potential for both parties to come together in order to create something unique and entertaining for fans around the world.
It remains unclear whether or not End Cue will be able continue with their plans for an AI-powered standup comedy special featuring Tom Brady as its star comedian without facing further legal action from his team. However, one thing is certain: this story has certainly caught people’s attention!
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