Experts Warn of Predator Risks with AI 'Teenage Look' Filters - Credit: KARE 11

Experts Warn of Predator Risks with AI ‘Teenage Look’ Filters

Child Safety Experts Warn AI Teenage Look Filters May Allow Predators to Pose as Peers

As technology continues to evolve, so do the risks associated with it. Child safety experts are warning parents about a new trend in artificial intelligence (AI) that could potentially put their children at risk. The use of “teenage look” filters on social media platforms is becoming increasingly popular among young people, and these filters can be used by predators to pose as peers.

The teenage look filter uses AI-powered facial recognition software to alter an individual’s appearance into that of a teenager or younger child. This technology has been developed by companies such as Bark Technologies and Titania Jordan, who specialize in online safety for children and teens. While this type of filter may seem harmless enough, experts warn that it can be used maliciously by adults posing as minors online in order to gain access to vulnerable youth.

According to Dr. Jenny Radesky, a pediatrician specializing in digital health at the University of Michigan Medical School: “These types of technologies have the potential for misuse when they are not regulated properly or monitored closely…Predators can use them [the filters]to appear more trustworthy and approachable than they actually are.” She goes on further explain how easy it is for someone with ill intentions to take advantage of unsuspecting victims using these tools: “It’s very difficult for kids — even those who know better — because they don’t always recognize when someone isn’t being truthful.”

In addition, there is also concern over how easily accessible these tools are; many apps offer free versions which allow anyone with internet access the ability to download them without any age verification process or parental consent required. This means that even if parents have taken steps towards monitoring their child’s online activity through parental control settings or other measures, predators still have ways around those safeguards if they choose to utilize these tools available on public platforms like Snapchat and Instagram .

To help protect your family from potential dangers posed by teenage look filters , here are some tips from child safety experts :

• Monitor your child’s activities online – Make sure you know what sites/apps your child is using regularly and monitor their usage accordingly . Be aware of any changes in behavior or sudden interest in different websites/apps .

• Educate yourself – Learn about current trends related to teen tech usage , including information about teenage look filters . Talk openly with your children about why certain behaviors might be dangerous , such as talking with strangers online .

• Set boundaries – Establish rules regarding acceptable behavior while using technology , including limits on time spent online each day . Consider setting up parental controls on devices where appropriate .

• Report suspicious activity – If you notice anything out-of-the ordinary happening involving your child’s device(s) contact law enforcement immediately so proper action can be taken quickly before harm occurs .

By taking proactive steps towards protecting our families against potential threats posed by AI technologies like teenage look filters we can ensure our loved ones stay safe while enjoying all the benefits modern technology has brought us today!

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