Rio Bravo Brewing Company Developing AI-Created Beer Recipe - Credit: KOAT

Rio Bravo Brewing Company Developing AI-Created Beer Recipe

Rio Bravo Brewing Company is making history with their latest innovation. The Albuquerque-based brewery has become the first in the world to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a beer recipe.

The AI-created beer, called “Aurora”, was developed by Rio Bravo and tech company IntelligentX Brewing Co. It took them four months of trial and error before they were able to perfect the recipe for Aurora.

The process began when Rio Bravo provided IntelligentX with data on all of their existing beers, including information about ingredients used, fermentation times, alcohol content and more. This data was then fed into an algorithm that analyzed it and created a unique recipe based on what it learned from the data. After creating this initial recipe, Rio Bravo tested it out in small batches until they were satisfied with its flavor profile.

Once they had perfected Aurora’s taste profile, Rio Bravo released it as part of their limited edition series of craft beers last month. Since then, customers have been raving about its unique flavor combination which includes notes of citrus fruit and tropical hops balanced by malt sweetness and light bitterness from German noble hops.

This isn’t the first time that AI has been used in brewing; however this is one of the most successful applications so far due to how quickly Rio Bravo was able to develop a great tasting beer using AI technology. According to CEO Jim Hargrove: “We are thrilled at how well our collaboration with IntelligentX worked out – not only did we get an amazing new product but also gained valuable insights into our own brewing processes along the way!”

While many breweries are still hesitant about incorporating AI into their operations due to cost or lack of understanding around how it works; this success story shows just how powerful machine learning can be when applied correctly within a brewery setting – allowing brewers like those at Rio Bravo Brewing Company push boundaries while producing high quality products faster than ever before!

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