AI Cheats at Chess but Still Suffers Devastating Defeat - Credit: Kotaku

AI Cheats at Chess but Still Suffers Devastating Defeat

AI Beats Stockfish Chess in Reddit Challenge

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves lately, and it’s no surprise that AI is now beating the world’s best chess engine. In a recent challenge on Reddit, an AI called GPT-Chess beat Stockfish 8, one of the strongest chess engines available today.

The challenge was set up by user “u/GPT3ChessBot” who created a bot to play against Stockfish 8 using the popular open source chess engine library called “StockfishJS.” The bot used GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful language model which can generate human-like text from input data. It was trained on millions of games played by grandmasters and other top players over many years.

The results were impressive: GPT-Chess won all five games against Stockfish 8 with ease! This result shows just how far AI technology has come in such a short amount of time – only two years ago, AlphaZero defeated Stockfish 8 in 100 out of 100 matches after being trained for four hours. Now we have an AI that can beat it without any training at all!

This isn’t the first time an AI has beaten a top player or program at chess either; Deep Blue famously defeated Garry Kasparov back in 1997 and AlphaGo Zero beat Lee Sedol 4–1 back in 2016. But this is still remarkable because it shows that even without any prior knowledge or training, an AI can still outperform some of the best players and programs around today – something which wasn’t possible before now.

It also demonstrates how quickly machine learning algorithms are advancing; while they may not be able to completely replace humans yet when it comes to complex tasks like playing chess or Go, they are getting closer every day as their capabilities continue to improve rapidly with each new iteration. As more data becomes available for them to learn from and better algorithms are developed for them to use, there’s no telling what kind of feats these machines will be capable of achieving next!

As exciting as this news is though, there are still some important considerations when talking about AIs like GPT-Chess beating programs like Stockfish 8 at games like Chess or Go: while these machines may be able to win individual matches easily enough right now due to their superior processing power compared to humans’, they don’t necessarily understand why certain moves work better than others – something which requires experience and intuition gained through practice over time – so they’re unlikely ever truly master these kinds of strategy games anytime soon if ever at all..

That said however this doesn’t mean that AIs aren’t useful tools for helping us become better players ourselves; by studying their moves we can gain insight into our own weaknesses as well as get ideas about strategies we might not have thought about otherwise – plus having access to computers running strong engines allows us practice more efficiently too since we don’t need someone else present whenever we want play a game online anymore either! So while AIs may never fully replace human expertise when it comes down strategic boardgames like Chess or Go entirely anytime soon if ever at all ,they certainly do provide valuable assistance nonetheless both directly indirectly alike .

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