Microsoft Develops AI That Plays Minecraft Automatically - Credit: Kotaku

Microsoft Develops AI That Plays Minecraft Automatically

Microsoft recently showcased a new AI technology for Minecraft that allows players to use voice commands to control their in-game avatars. The demonstration, which was part of the company’s annual Build conference, showed how players can use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies to interact with their virtual world.

The demo featured two Microsoft employees playing a game of Minecraft together while using voice commands to move around the map and build structures. One player used an Xbox controller while the other used only his voice. The player using his voice was able to issue commands such as “go forward,” “turn left,” and “build a house.” The AI then interpreted these commands and moved the avatar accordingly or built whatever structure was requested.

This is just one example of how Microsoft is leveraging its artificial intelligence capabilities in gaming experiences. In addition to this demonstration, Microsoft has also announced plans for an upcoming “AI Playground” feature that will allow developers to create custom AI models within Minecraft worlds so they can experiment with different types of behavior without having any coding knowledge whatsoever.

The potential applications for this type of technology are endless; from allowing gamers more freedom when it comes to controlling their characters, all the way up through creating entire virtual worlds populated by intelligent NPCs who respond naturally based on what you say or do—the possibilities are truly exciting!

In addition, this type of technology could be applied outside of gaming as well; imagine being able to give your computer simple instructions like “book me a flight” or “find me a restaurant near my office” without having any technical knowledge whatsoever! This kind of natural language processing would make our lives much easier and open up many new opportunities for us all.

Microsoft’s foray into AI-powered gaming experiences is certainly something worth keeping an eye on over the coming months and years ahead—it could very well revolutionize not only how we play games but also how we interact with computers in general! With advancements like these being made every day, it won’t be long before our digital assistants become even smarter than ever before—and that’s something everyone should look forward too!

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