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‘AI Technology Here to Stay: Utah Professor’s Take on the Rise of Artificial Intelligence’

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a topic that has been gaining traction in recent years. With the advancements being made in AI, many people are wondering if it’s similar to the rise of the internet and whether or not it’s just another passing fad. According to Dr. Robert Leland, professor at University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, AI isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dr. Leland believes that AI will have a lasting impact on our lives and society as a whole due to its ability to automate processes and make decisions faster than humans can. He explains that this automation could lead to an increase in efficiency for businesses which would result in cost savings for consumers as well as increased productivity overall. Additionally, he notes that AI could be used for more complex tasks such as medical diagnosis or financial analysis where human error may be more likely without automated assistance from machines powered by algorithms trained with data sets specific to those tasks.

In terms of how AI compares with the internet revolution, Dr. Leland believes there are some similarities but also some key differences between them both: “The Internet was about connecting people together so they could share information quickly and easily; whereas Artificial Intelligence is about using computers and algorithms to make decisions based on data inputs.” He goes on further explaining how while both technologies have had far-reaching implications across multiple industries, their impacts differ significantly when you look at them side by side: “The Internet changed communication forever; whereas Artificial Intelligence changes decision making forever.”

When asked what advice he would give business owners looking into incorporating AI into their operations, Dr. Leland suggests taking small steps first before diving headfirst into any new technology: “Start small – don’t try too much too fast – because you need time to learn how best use these tools effectively.” He also recommends doing research beforehand so you understand exactly what kind of results you can expect from your investment in order avoid disappointment down the line due unforeseen circumstances like lack of compatibility between systems or unexpected costs associated with implementation/maintenance etc..

Overall it seems clear that while there are certainly similarities between the rise of artificial intelligence technology and the internet revolution we experienced decades ago – they do still differ significantly when looked at closely enough – especially when considering their respective impacts on different aspects within our society today . As always though , caution should be taken whenever investing money into something new – no matter how promising it may seem initially – so researching thoroughly ahead time is highly recommended before jumping right in .

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