Austin PD Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Non-Emergency Reporting Platform - Credit: KVUE

Austin PD Introduces Artificial Intelligence-Powered Non-Emergency Reporting Platform

The Austin Police Department (APD) is introducing a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to help streamline the process of non-emergency reporting. The AI system, called “ReportIt”, will allow citizens to report incidents such as property damage and lost items online or through an app on their phone. This technology will make it easier for people to file reports with APD without having to wait in line at the police station or call 911.

The ReportIt system was developed by the APD in partnership with Microsoft and other tech companies. It uses natural language processing algorithms that can understand human speech and respond accordingly. For example, if someone were to say they had their car stolen, ReportIt would ask them questions about when it happened, where it happened, what kind of car it was etc., so that all necessary information could be collected quickly and accurately.

In addition to making filing reports more convenient for citizens, this technology also has potential benefits for law enforcement officers as well. By automating some of the tasks associated with non-emergency reporting, officers can focus their attention on more pressing matters such as responding to emergency calls or investigating crimes already reported. This could potentially lead to faster response times and better outcomes overall for both citizens and law enforcement personnel alike.

At present time only certain types of non-emergencies are eligible for filing via ReportIt; however APD plans on expanding its capabilities over time so that more types of incidents can be reported using this method in the future. In order to use ReportIt you must first create an account which requires providing your name, address and contact information before you can begin submitting reports online or through the app on your phone/tablet device(s). Once registered users may submit up three incident reports per day using this service free of charge; any additional submissions beyond three require payment prior submission approval from APD staff members who review each report before allowing them into their database records management systems..

Overall we believe that ReportIt is a great step forward towards modernizing how citizens interact with law enforcement agencies like APD while simultaneously improving public safety outcomes across our city limits here in Austin Texas! We encourage everyone who needs assistance from our department but doesn’t have an urgent need requiring immediate response from one of our patrol units consider utilizing this new AI powered tool instead!

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