'Simply Benefit China,' Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Rejects AI Research Pause - Credit: LiveMint

‘Simply Benefit China,’ Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Rejects AI Research Pause

In the wake of recent calls for a pause on artificial intelligence (AI) research, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has spoken out against such proposals. In an interview with CNBC, Schmidt argued that any halt in AI development would simply benefit China and other countries who are already leading the way in this field.

Schmidt believes that it is important to continue researching and developing AI technology as it can be used to improve people’s lives around the world. He also noted that many of the most advanced applications of AI are being developed by companies based outside of the United States, including China-based tech giants like Baidu and Tencent.

The ex-Google CEO went on to say that while there may be some ethical considerations when it comes to using AI technology, these should not stop us from exploring its potential benefits. He pointed out that if we do not take advantage of this opportunity now then our competitors will soon overtake us in terms of technological advancement.

Schmidt concluded his remarks by noting that although there may be risks associated with advancing AI technology too quickly, he believes they are outweighed by its potential rewards. He said: “We have a responsibility to move forward with caution but also confidence… We must recognize both sides [of] this equation — risk versus reward — and make sure we don’t let fear stand in our way.”

Overall, Eric Schmidt’s comments highlight how important it is for countries like the United States to remain competitive when it comes to developing new technologies such as artificial intelligence. By continuing their research into this area despite any ethical concerns or fears about its implications, nations can ensure they stay ahead of their rivals and reap all the benefits associated with having access to cutting edge technologies first hand.

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