"Midjourney AI Image Generator Blocks Pornography by Banning Words Related to Human Reproduction" - Credit: MIT Technology Review

Midjourney AI Image Generator Blocks Pornography by Banning Words Related to Human Reproduction

AI Image Generator Midjourney Blocks Porn by Banning Words About the Human Reproductive System

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and with it comes a host of new applications. One such application is an AI image generator called Midjourney that has been developed to help block pornographic images from being shared online. The technology works by using natural language processing (NLP) to detect words related to the human reproductive system in text-based content. If these words are detected, the AI will automatically flag the content as inappropriate and prevent it from being shared on social media platforms or other websites.

Midjourney was created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University who wanted to find a way to combat the spread of explicit material online without relying on manual moderation techniques or algorithms that rely solely on visual recognition. By using NLP instead, they were able to create an automated system that can quickly identify potentially offensive content before it’s posted publicly.

To test their system, the team used a dataset containing over 10 million webpages which had already been labeled as either “safe” or “unsafe” based on their subject matter. They then trained their AI model using this data so that it could learn how to recognize certain keywords associated with pornography and other explicit material. After training was complete, they tested their model against another set of webpages which had not yet been labeled as safe or unsafe – and found that Midjourney was able to accurately detect inappropriate content 96% of the time!

This accuracy rate is impressive considering how difficult it can be for humans alone to determine whether something contains explicit material just by looking at its text-based description alone – let alone trying do so manually across millions of pages! This makes Midjourney particularly useful for companies who want an automated solution for monitoring user-generated content but don’t have access to large teams dedicated solely towards moderation tasks like this one.

Midjourney’s creators hope that this technology will eventually become widely adopted across all types of digital platforms in order help reduce instances of cyberbullying and hate speech while also protecting children from exposure to inappropriate materials online – both important goals in today’s increasingly connected world where anyone can post anything within seconds without any oversight whatsoever!

Overall, Midjourney represents a major step forward in terms of developing more effective methods for detecting potentially harmful digital content before it reaches wider audiences – especially when compared against traditional approaches like manual moderation or visual recognition systems which often fail due too human error or lack thereof resources needed for proper implementation respectively . With continued development , we may soon see more widespread use cases where AI image generators like MidJouney are utilized not only protect users from unwanted exposure but also provide greater peace mind knowing our digital spaces remain safe secure no matter what type information being shared them !

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