Joe Russo Predicts Making Movies With AI Will Be the Norm in Two Years - Credit: MovieWeb

Joe Russo Predicts Making Movies With AI Will Be the Norm in Two Years

The future of filmmaking is rapidly changing, and Joe Russo believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the norm in two years. The co-director of Avengers: Endgame recently spoke with Collider about his upcoming projects, including a sci-fi movie he’s developing with AI as its main character.

Russo has been exploring the possibilities of using AI to create films for some time now. He was inspired by a conversation he had with an executive at Google who told him about their work on creating an AI-driven storyteller. After researching the technology further, Russo decided to take it one step further and develop a feature film starring an AI character.

He explained that this project would involve “a lot of trial and error” but also said that it could potentially revolutionize storytelling in Hollywood if successful. According to Russo, “the idea is to have a computer generate stories based on certain parameters you give it…and then you can adjust those parameters so you get different versions or iterations of the same story.”

In addition to experimenting with new technologies like AI, Russo is also looking into virtual production techniques such as LED walls and motion capture suits which allow filmmakers to shoot scenes without having physical sets or actors present on set. This type of production allows directors more flexibility when shooting scenes since they don’t need to worry about lighting or camera angles as much since everything can be adjusted digitally afterwards during post-production.

It’s clear that Joe Russo is pushing boundaries when it comes to filmmaking technology and innovation – something we’ve come accustomed from him after directing some of Marvel’s biggest blockbusters over the past few years! It’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact his experiments have on Hollywood in the coming years; whether we’re talking about movies featuring AIs or virtual productions techniques, there’s no doubt that these advancements are going make big waves in cinema soon enough!

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