New AI Tool Describes Surroundings To Visually Impaired People - Credit: NBC News

New AI Tool Describes Surroundings To Visually Impaired People

Advances in technology are making life easier for people with visual impairments. A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is helping to bridge the gap between those who can see and those who cannot. The AI tool, developed by Microsoft, uses a camera-equipped device to detect objects and describe them aloud to visually impaired users.

The device works by using computer vision algorithms that recognize objects in its field of view and then describes what it sees out loud. This allows visually impaired people to gain an understanding of their surroundings without having to rely on someone else’s description or assistance. It also helps them navigate unfamiliar environments more easily as they can hear descriptions of obstacles or landmarks that may be difficult for them to identify otherwise.

Microsoft has been working on this project since 2018 when it first announced its plans at the company’s Build conference in Seattle, Washington. Since then, the team has made significant progress towards creating a reliable AI system that can accurately detect objects and provide useful information about them quickly enough for real-world applications such as navigation or object identification tasks like reading labels on food items at grocery stores or recognizing faces from photos taken with a smartphone camera.

The AI tool is still being tested but early results have been promising so far. In addition to providing audio descriptions of objects, the system can also help users find their way around unfamiliar places by giving directions based on landmarks detected within its field of view such as buildings or street signs. Microsoft hopes that this technology will eventually become available commercially so that everyone – regardless of sight – will be able to benefit from it in everyday life situations where visual cues are important but not always accessible due to physical limitations or other factors beyond one’s control..

This new development marks an exciting step forward in terms of accessibility technology for visually impaired individuals everywhere and could potentially open up many opportunities previously unavailable due to lack of accessibly designed infrastructure or resources tailored specifically towards their needs..

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