Weigh In Industry Experts Discuss How AI Technology Can Detect and Prevent War and Conflict at WEST Convention in San Diego - Credit: NBC San Diego

Weigh In Industry Experts Discuss How AI Technology Can Detect and Prevent War and Conflict at WEST Convention in San Diego

The West Convention in San Diego recently showcased how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can be used to detect and prevent war and conflict. Industry experts from around the world gathered at the convention to discuss the potential of AI in this area, as well as its ethical implications.

The event was hosted by The Institute for Global Conflict Resolution (IGCR), a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and resolving conflicts through research, education, and advocacy. IGCR’s Executive Director Dr. David Cortright opened the conference with an inspiring speech about how AI could help create a more peaceful world if used responsibly. He emphasized that while AI has great potential for good, it also carries significant risks if not properly managed or regulated.

Attendees heard from several leading experts on topics such as using AI for early warning systems; detecting patterns of violence; predicting future conflicts; analyzing social media data; and developing autonomous weapons systems. They discussed both the positive applications of these technologies—such as helping peacekeepers identify areas where intervention is needed—as well as their ethical implications, including privacy concerns related to collecting large amounts of personal data without consent or oversight.

In addition to discussing technical issues related to using AI for conflict prevention, attendees also explored broader questions about ethics and morality in relation to warfare technology development. For example, they debated whether it is morally acceptable for governments or private companies to develop autonomous weapons systems that are capable of making decisions without human input or oversight? This question sparked lively debate among participants who had varying opinions on this issue but ultimately agreed that any decision regarding weaponized AI should involve careful consideration of its potential consequences before implementation takes place.

Overall, the West Convention provided an important platform for industry professionals from around the globe to come together and discuss ways in which artificial intelligence can be used responsibly when it comes to preventing war and conflict resolution efforts worldwide . It highlighted both the opportunities presented by new technologies like machine learning algorithms ,and robotics ,as well as some of their associated risks . Attendees left feeling inspired by what’s possible when we use our collective knowledge towards creating a more peaceful world .

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