IBM Chief Predicts AI Will Take Over White Collar Clerical Work - Credit: New York Post

IBM Chief Predicts AI Will Take Over White Collar Clerical Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to take over white-collar and clerical work, according to IBM’s chief executive.

Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM, recently spoke at a conference in New York City about how AI will soon be taking on more roles traditionally held by humans. She said that while AI has already been used for some time in certain industries such as healthcare and finance, it is now ready to move into other areas like customer service and administrative tasks.

Rometty believes that this shift will bring with it both opportunities and challenges for businesses around the world. On one hand, she sees AI as being able to help companies become more efficient by automating mundane tasks or providing better insights through data analysis. On the other hand though, she acknowledges that there may be job losses associated with this transition as machines replace people in certain positions.

To prepare for this change, Rometty recommends that companies start investing in training programs so their employees can learn new skills which are needed for jobs of the future. This could include things like coding or machine learning so they can stay competitive when competing against robots for positions within their organization or elsewhere. Additionally, she suggests creating policies which ensure workers are not left behind during these changes – such as offering retraining options if someone’s role becomes obsolete due to automation or providing severance packages if necessary.

In addition to helping businesses adjust to an increasingly automated workforce, Rometty also believes governments should play a role in preparing citizens for life after AI takes over many jobs currently done by humans today. She suggests introducing education initiatives which focus on teaching people skills related to technology so they have something valuable they can offer employers even if their current job is replaced by a robot someday soon. Furthermore, she encourages governments worldwide to create safety nets which provide financial support during times of unemployment caused by automation – similar programs already exist but need further investment from public funds before they can truly make an impact on those affected negatively by technological advances like AI taking over white-collar work roles..

Overall then it seems clear that artificial intelligence is here to stay and its presence will only continue growing across all sectors of industry going forward – including white-collar work where it looks likely set up shop very soon indeed! While there may be some disruption along the way due its introduction into these areas however we must remember too that there are also plenty of opportunities available thanks too; ones which require us all adapting our skill sets accordingly so we remain employable no matter what happens next! With proper preparation from both business leaders and government officials alike then hopefully everyone will benefit from this exciting new era ahead – regardless whether you’re human or machine!

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