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Get a Tesla if you want to learn about AI trying

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak recently shared his thoughts on Tesla’s AI technology, saying that if you want to learn about artificial intelligence trying to kill you, then get a Tesla.
Wozniak made the comments during an interview with Bloomberg TV in which he discussed how AI is advancing and its potential implications for humanity. He said that while some people are worried about robots taking over the world, he believes it’s more likely that AI will be used as a tool by humans rather than replacing them entirely.

When asked specifically about Tesla’s Autopilot system, Wozniak said it was “amazing” and praised Elon Musk for pushing the boundaries of what can be done with autonomous driving technology. He went on to say that if someone wants to learn more about how AI could potentially harm humans, they should buy a Tesla because it has so much advanced technology packed into one car.

The Apple co-founder also expressed his admiration for Musk and his ability to think outside of the box when it comes to developing new technologies. He noted that many companies have been hesitant or slow when it comes to embracing new ideas but Musk isn’t afraid of taking risks and pushing boundaries in order to make progress.

Overall, Wozniak believes there is still much work left before we reach true autonomy but he remains optimistic about the future of self-driving cars and other forms of artificial intelligence being developed today. While some may worry about robots taking over our lives someday soon, Wozniak thinks this scenario is unlikely given all the safeguards currently in place around these technologies.

In conclusion, Steve Wozniak recommends getting a Tesla if you want to learn more about artificial intelligence trying to kill us since they have such advanced features packed into one vehicle already today – something no other company has achieved yet according him! His admiration for Elon Musk’s risk-taking attitude towards innovation shows just how far ahead of everyone else he really is when it comes down creating revolutionary products like Autopilot or SpaceX rockets! |Get a Tesla if you want to learn about AI trying

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