Google's AI Chatbot Blunder Causes $100 Billion Loss in Demo Advertisement - Credit: -his-poetry NPR

Google’s AI Chatbot Blunder Causes $100 Billion Loss in Demo Advertisement


Google Chatbot Error Bard Shares Poetry

Have you ever encountered an error message while using a computer? Most of us have, and it can be quite frustrating. But what if the error message was actually a poem? That’s exactly what Google has done with their new chatbot, Error Bard.

Error Bard is a chatbot created by Google that uses artificial intelligence to generate poems in response to errors. The idea behind this project is to make tech support more human and less robotic. Instead of getting frustrated when something goes wrong on your device, you can now get creative inspiration from the poetic responses generated by Error Bard.

The poetry generated by Error Bard is based on classic works such as Shakespeare’s sonnets and other famous poets like Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. It also draws inspiration from modern pop culture references like Star Wars or Harry Potter for its verses. Each poem is unique and tailored specifically to the user’s situation at hand; no two are alike!

In addition to providing poetic solace during technical difficulties, Error Bard also serves as an educational tool for those interested in learning about literature or poetry writing techniques. By reading through the verses generated by the bot, users can gain insight into how different authors approach their craft and learn some tips along the way too!

Error Bard has been met with great enthusiasm since its launch last month; many people find comfort in knowing that even when things go wrong there will always be someone (or something) there offering words of encouragement through verse form! This innovative use of technology shows just how far we’ve come in terms of making our devices more human-like – who knows what else might be possible down the line? We look forward to seeing where this project takes us next!

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