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The European Union is looking to introduce new regulations for generative artificial intelligence (AI) this year, according to Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s executive vice president. The move comes as part of a larger effort by the bloc to ensure that AI technologies are used responsibly and ethically.
Vestager said in an interview with Nikkei Asia that the EU will be introducing rules on “generative AI” — which uses algorithms to generate content such as images or videos — later this year. She noted that while there have been some positive applications of generative AI, it can also be used for malicious purposes such as creating deepfakes or spreading disinformation.
To address these concerns, Vestager said the EU plans to introduce regulations that would require companies using generative AI technology to disclose how their algorithms work and what data they use. This would allow regulators and other stakeholders to better understand how these systems operate and identify any potential risks associated with them. Additionally, she suggested that companies should provide users with more information about how their data is being used so they can make informed decisions about whether or not they want it shared with third parties.
The proposed regulations come amid growing global concern over the ethical implications of AI technologies and their potential misuse by bad actors. In recent years, governments around the world have taken steps towards regulating various aspects of AI development in order to protect citizens from its potentially harmful effects on society at large.
In addition to introducing new rules for generative AI this year, Vestager said the EU is also working on legislation related to facial recognition technology which could be introduced next year if all goes well during negotiations between member states and industry stakeholders over its contents.
Overall, Vestager believes that regulation is necessary when it comes to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence in order ensure responsible usage while still allowing innovation within Europe’s tech sector flourish without fear of abuse or exploitation from outside forces .
EU eyes new rules for generative AI this year: Vestager | Regulation | Nikkei Asia

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