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Should Schools Embrace ChatGPT or Ban It? The Decision Schools Must Make


The Houston Independent School District (HISD) is introducing a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to help students and parents navigate the education system. The chatbot, called ChatGPT, will be available on HISD’s website and provide answers to frequently asked questions about school policies, procedures, and resources.

ChatGPT was developed by AI experts at the University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with HISD staff. It uses natural language processing technology to understand user queries and respond with accurate information. The chatbot can answer questions related to student registration, enrollment requirements, transportation services, meal plans, extracurricular activities, special programs for gifted students or those with disabilities—and more!

ChatGPT is designed to make it easier for families to access important information quickly without having to wait on hold or search through multiple websites. It also provides an additional layer of support for teachers who may not have time during their busy day-to-day schedules to answer every question from parents or students.

“We are excited about this innovative partnership that brings together our district’s expertise in public education with cutting edge research from UT Austin,” said Dr. Grenita Lathan Interim Superintendent of Schools for HISD “This project demonstrates how we are leveraging technology as part of our commitment towards providing equitable access and opportunities for all learners.”

The launch of ChatGPT marks an exciting milestone in the use of AI technologies within educational settings across the country. As schools continue adapting their operations due to COVID-19 restrictions such as remote learning environments or hybrid models combining online instruction with limited face-to-face contact; tools like ChatGPT can play a critical role in helping ensure that everyone has access to reliable information when they need it most.

In addition to its utility as an educational resource tool; ChatGPT also serves as a valuable teaching aid by allowing educators demonstrate how AI works while engaging students in meaningful conversations about topics relevant both inside and outside the classroom setting such as current events or career exploration options after graduation .

As part of its mission statement; HISD strives “to equip each student with knowledge necessary for success beyond high school” which includes developing skills needed thrive professionally within today’s rapidly changing technological landscape . By incorporating advanced technologies like ChatGTP into its curriculum ; HISD is taking steps towards ensuring that all children receive quality instruction regardless if they attend classes virtually ,in person ,or some combination thereof .

At present ,the primary focus remains on providing users quick access reliable data regarding district policies but future updates could expand functionality include features such game based quizzes designed test comprehension levels among other interactive elements . Ultimately ; these types initiatives serve benefit entire community by making sure everyone has equal opportunity succeed academically no matter what circumstances life throws them way .

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