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The Artificial Intelligence of Cub Tracks


The Chicago Cubs have been a staple of the Windy City for over a century, and their fans are some of the most passionate in all of baseball. Now, they’re taking that passion to the next level with A.I. Sir, an artificial intelligence system designed to help them better understand their team and its performance on the field.

A.I. Sir is powered by IBM Watson technology and was developed in partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM). It uses natural language processing to analyze data from MLBAM’s Statcast system, which tracks every pitch thrown during games as well as player movements around the diamond. This allows it to provide insights into how players are performing in real time and make predictions about future outcomes based on past trends.

The Cubs plan to use A.I Sir primarily for scouting purposes; it can quickly identify potential targets or areas where improvement is needed within their roster or organization as a whole. The system also has applications beyond just scouting; it can be used to track injuries, monitor fatigue levels among players, predict weather patterns that could affect game day decisions, and more!

In addition to providing valuable information about current players and teams, A I Sir will also be able to look back at historical data from previous seasons so that coaches can gain insight into how certain strategies may have worked out differently if implemented today instead of years ago when they were first tried out by other teams or organizations . This type of analysis could prove invaluable when making decisions about personnel moves going forward – something that would otherwise take hours upon hours of research without this kind of technology available at hand!

Beyond just helping coaches make informed decisions faster than ever before though , AI SIR will also give fans unprecedented access into what goes on behind closed doors inside major league clubhouses . With its ability to crunch numbers quickly , AI SIR will allow fans an opportunity like never before – one where they can get up close and personal with analytics surrounding their favorite team while still being ableto enjoy watching games live !

For example , AI SIR could provide detailed breakdowns after each game showing exactly why certain plays worked or didn’t work ; giving viewers an understanding not onlyof what happened but why it happened too . Additionally , AI SIR might even be ableto suggest ways for individual playersor entire teams improve moving forward – something no fan has ever had access too until now !

Overall , A I Sir promises not only improved decision making capabilities for coaches but greater transparency between clubsandfans alike . As we continue down this path towards increased automation within sports analytics , there’s no telling what new possibilities may arise from such advancements – but one thing is certain : The Chicago Cubs are leading the way once again !

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