AI Imagines What U.S. Presidents Would Look Like With Mullets - Credit: Newsweek

AI Imagines What U.S. Presidents Would Look Like With Mullets

The mullet is making a comeback, and it’s not just in the world of fashion. AI technology has been used to create images of what U.S. presidents would look like with a classic ’80s-style mullet haircut.

The project was created by artificial intelligence (AI) company Obvious, which specializes in creating art using machine learning algorithms. The team at Obvious used their AI software to generate images of all 45 U.S presidents wearing a classic “business in the front, party in the back” style mullet hairstyle.

The results are both hilarious and fascinating – from George Washington sporting an impressive feathered mane to Barack Obama rocking an edgy undercut version of the iconic cut – each president looks surprisingly good with their new hairdo!

But why did Obvious decide to take on this project? According to co-founder Pierre Fautrel, they wanted to explore how AI could be used for creative purposes: “We were interested in exploring how we can use our technology for more than just practical applications,” he said.” We wanted to see if we could use it as a tool for creativity and self-expression.”

To create these unique portraits, Obvious first trained its algorithm on thousands of photos featuring people with different types of haircuts before applying that knowledge onto existing presidential portraits from Wikipedia Commons. This allowed them to generate realistic images that accurately reflect what each president might have looked like had they chosen the trendiest hairstyle around during their time in office!

The resulting collection is truly remarkable – not only does it provide us with some much needed comic relief during these difficult times but also serves as an interesting reminder that even our most esteemed leaders can still have fun every now and then! It’s also worth noting that while many may view this project as simply being ‘for fun’ there are actually deeper implications here too; namely how AI can be utilized creatively rather than solely for utilitarian purposes such as facial recognition or data analysis etcetera…

In conclusion, Obvious’ experiment shows us just how powerful modern day Artificial Intelligence really is when put into creative hands – who knows what other amazing projects will come out next?!

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