David Guetta Predicts the Future of Music is in Artificial Intelligence - Credit: NME

David Guetta Predicts the Future of Music is in Artificial Intelligence

David Guetta, the French DJ and producer, has recently commented on the future of music production. He believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a major role in how music is created and experienced in the years to come. This follows an impressive vocal stunt by Eminem which saw him use AI technology to create a deepfake version of himself rapping over one of his classic tracks.

Guetta spoke about this development during an interview with NME magazine, saying: “I think it’s really cool what Eminem did with AI – he was able to recreate his own voice from 20 years ago! It’s amazing what can be done now with technology like this. I think it could have some interesting applications for music production too.”

The DJ went on to explain that he believes AI could help producers create new sounds and textures that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to achieve using traditional methods. He said: “It could open up so many possibilities for us as producers – we could experiment with different kinds of sounds and effects without having to spend hours trying out different combinations manually. We might even be able to generate entirely new types of musical styles!”

Guetta also discussed how AI might affect live performances in the future, suggesting that it could enable artists to interact more closely with their audiences than ever before: “Imagine if you had an AI system running alongside your show – you could program it so that it responds directly to crowd reactions and changes its output accordingly! That kind of interaction between artist and audience would take things up another level.”

In addition, Guetta suggested that AI-powered systems may eventually become capable enough for them to compose entire songs autonomously: “We already have algorithms which can generate melodies based on certain parameters but I think they’ll get much better at doing this over time. Eventually we might see machines creating full pieces of music without any human input whatsoever!”

Overall then, David Guetta’s comments suggest that Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise both studio production techniques as well as live performance experiences in the near future – offering exciting opportunities for musicians everywhere! With advances being made all the time in terms of machine learning capabilities, there’s no telling just how far these technologies will go when applied within creative contexts such as music making – but whatever happens next looks set be truly groundbreaking indeed!

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