How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used To Create ‘Deepfakes’ Online - Credit: PBS NewsHour

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used To Create ‘Deepfakes’ Online

The internet has become a powerful tool for people to communicate and share information, but it can also be used to spread false or misleading content. Deepfakes are one of the most concerning examples of this phenomenon. Deepfakes are videos that have been manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI) technology in order to make it appear as if someone said or did something they didn’t actually say or do. This type of manipulation is becoming increasingly common online, and its implications could be far-reaching.

Deepfake technology uses AI algorithms to analyze existing video footage and create new versions with different audio tracks or facial expressions. The process involves training an AI model on large amounts of data so that it can learn how to recognize certain features in the original video, such as facial expressions and voice patterns. Once trained, the model can then be used to manipulate existing footage by swapping out faces or voices with those from other sources.

The potential applications for deepfakes range from harmless entertainment purposes like creating celebrity lookalikes for movies and TV shows, to more malicious uses like spreading misinformation about political candidates during elections campaigns. Unfortunately, deepfake technology is still relatively easy for anyone with access to basic computer hardware and software tools—which means that even non-experts can create convincing fakes without much effort.

This has led some experts to call for greater regulation around deepfakes in order prevent their misuse online. For example, some countries have proposed laws requiring social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to take down any deepfake videos posted on their sites within 24 hours after being notified about them by users or authorities alike . Other proposals include introducing digital watermarks into all videos shared online so that they can easily be traced back if needed later on .

Overall, while there may be legitimate uses for deepfake technology , its potential misuse should not go unchecked . It is important that we remain vigilant against attempts at manipulating public opinion through deceptive tactics such as these , especially when our democracy depends upon informed citizens making well-informed decisions based on accurate information . |How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used To Create ‘Deepfakes’ Online|Technology|PBS NewsHour

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