"AI-Powered Voice Acting in Morrowind: Awe-Inspiring Yet Troubling" - Credit: PC Gamer

AI-Powered Voice Acting in Morrowind: Awe-Inspiring Yet Troubling

Modders are using AI to put voice acting in Morrowind, and I’m impressed and concerned all at once.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is a beloved classic from 2002 that has been kept alive by its dedicated modding community for almost two decades. Now, some of those modders have taken it upon themselves to use artificial intelligence (AI) to add voice acting into the game. It’s an impressive feat, but one that also raises some ethical questions about how we should be using AI in gaming.

The project was started by modder “Kirel” who used machine learning algorithms to generate realistic-sounding dialogue for characters in the game. Kirel trained his algorithm on audio samples of professional actors reading lines from Morrowind scripts before feeding them back into the game as fully voiced dialogue options. The results are surprisingly convincing; you can hear examples of Kirel’s work here and here.

While this kind of technology could open up new possibilities for developers looking to create more immersive games with less effort, there are still plenty of concerns about how it might be used going forward. For starters, there’s no guarantee that these kinds of projects will remain free or even legal; if companies decide they want a piece of the pie then they could start charging hefty fees for access or even sue anyone who uses their software without permission. Additionally, many people worry about what kind of impact this technology could have on jobs like voice actors who rely on their craftsmanship being valued over automated alternatives—especially when those alternatives become increasingly sophisticated over time.

At the same time though, it’s hard not to be impressed by what Kirel has accomplished with his project so far—and he isn’t alone either; other modders have begun experimenting with similar techniques as well such as adding lip syncing animations based off text-to-speech programs or creating entire virtual worlds populated entirely by AI-generated NPCs (nonplayer characters). While none of these projects may ever reach commercial success due to copyright issues or technical limitations, they do provide us with a glimpse into where gaming technology might go next if given enough resources and support from developers and publishers alike.

Overall then while I’m both impressed and concerned at what AI can bring to gaming experiences like Morrowind right now – I think it’s important that we keep an eye out for potential ethical implications down the line too so that everyone involved remains safe and respected throughout our journey towards more advanced interactive entertainment experiences!

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