Microsoft Edge puts Bing's AI image generator at your fingertips - Credit: PCWorld

Microsoft Edge puts Bing’s AI image generator at your fingertips

Microsoft Edge, the web browser from Microsoft, has just made it easier for users to find images online. With its new AI-powered image generator, you can quickly and easily search for images that match your needs.
The AI-powered image generator is powered by Bing’s Image Search API and uses artificial intelligence to help you find the perfect image for whatever project or task you are working on. It works by analyzing a user’s query and then providing relevant results based on what it finds in its database of over 1 billion images.
The AI-powered image generator also provides additional features such as auto-complete suggestions, which can be used to refine searches even further. Additionally, users can filter their search results by size, color palette or type of content (such as photos or illustrations). This makes finding exactly what you need much faster than ever before!
In addition to making searching for images easier and more efficient, the AI-powered image generator also helps protect copyright holders from unauthorized use of their work. The tool automatically checks each result against a database of known copyrighted material before displaying it in the search results page – ensuring that only legally available content is shown.
Overall, Microsoft Edge’s new AI-powered image generator is an incredibly useful tool that will make finding great visuals online much simpler than ever before! Whether you’re looking for something specific or just browsing around for inspiration – this feature will definitely come in handy when creating projects with visuals at their core!
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