Tom Brady Threatens To Sue Over AI-Generated Comedy Special - Credit: PetaPixel

Tom Brady Threatens To Sue Over AI-Generated Comedy Special

Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback of the New England Patriots, is threatening to take legal action against an AI-generated comedy special that uses his likeness without permission. The special was created by a company called AI Comedy and it features a digital version of Brady as its star.
The special, titled “Tom Terrific”, follows Brady as he attempts to make it in Hollywood after retiring from football. It features jokes about Brady’s career and his personal life. However, according to reports, neither Tom nor any members of his team were consulted before the show was released.
In response to this news, Tom has issued a statement saying that he will be taking legal action against AI Comedy for using his likeness without permission or compensation. He also said that he does not condone the use of artificial intelligence for creating entertainment content featuring real people without their consent or involvement in any way.
This isn’t the first time that AI has been used to create content featuring celebrities without their knowledge or approval; earlier this year another company released an animated series starring Will Smith which had not been authorized by him either. This raises important questions about how companies should handle such situations and what rights celebrities have when it comes to protecting their image online.
It remains unclear whether Tom will actually go through with filing a lawsuit against AI Comedy but one thing is certain: if he does so successfully then other companies may think twice before using celebrity images in their projects without proper authorization from them first. In today’s digital age where anything can be replicated with technology, it’s more important than ever for celebrities to protect themselves from having their likenesses misused or exploited online – even if they are just being used for comedic purposes like in this case with Tom Brady’s situation here!
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