Russia's Stealthy Felon Fighter Is Getting a Powerful AI Boost - Credit: Popular Mechanics

Russia’s Stealthy Felon Fighter Is Getting a Powerful AI Boost

Russia is making strides in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) for its military aircraft, and the Su-57 Felon fighter jet is no exception. The fifth-generation stealth fighter has been equipped with an AI system that will enable it to make decisions on its own without any input from a human pilot. This new technology could revolutionize air combat and give Russia a major advantage over other countries’ militaries.

The AI system installed in the Su-57 was developed by Russian defense contractor KRET, which specializes in radar systems and avionics for military aircraft. It works by using sensors to detect objects around the plane, such as other planes or missiles, then analyzing this data to determine how best to respond. The AI can also be programmed with specific tactics and strategies so that it can react quickly and accurately when faced with different situations during flight.

The addition of an AI system gives the Su-57 several advantages over traditional fighters piloted by humans alone. For one thing, it eliminates the need for a human pilot altogether; instead of relying on someone’s judgment or reaction time, all decisions are made automatically based on preprogrammed algorithms and data analysis. This means that pilots won’t have to worry about fatigue or distraction while flying—the AI will take care of everything for them. Additionally, because these decisions are made faster than any human could manage them manually, they can help keep pilots out of dangerous situations more quickly than before.

In addition to improving safety during flight operations, this new technology could also provide significant tactical advantages in air combat scenarios as well as search-and-rescue missions where speed is essential. By allowing planes like the Su-57 to make quick decisions autonomously rather than waiting for instructions from their pilots or ground control centers, they can move into position much faster than before—giving them an edge against their opponents who may not have access to similar technologies yet.

Overall, Russia’s decision to equip its newest fighter jets with advanced AI capabilities shows just how serious they are about staying ahead of their competitors when it comes to military aviation technology—and ensuring their forces remain at peak readiness levels at all times regardless of what challenges arise in future conflicts around the world..|Russia’s Stealthy Felon Fighter Is Getting a Powerful AI Boost|Technology|Popular Mechanics

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