Artificial Intelligence Poised To Hinder Not Help Access To Justice - Credit: Reuters

Artificial Intelligence Poised To Hinder Not Help Access To Justice

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a part of our lives, and it has the potential to revolutionize how we access justice. However, recent research suggests that AI could actually hinder rather than help access to justice in the near future.
A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that AI-driven legal services are likely to be more expensive and less accessible than traditional methods of accessing justice. The study also highlighted concerns about the accuracy of AI-based decisions, as well as its ability to handle complex cases or those involving multiple parties.
The findings suggest that while AI may have some advantages over traditional methods in terms of speed and cost savings, these benefits will not necessarily translate into greater access to justice for all citizens. In fact, there is a risk that AI could lead to increased inequality in access due to its tendency towards bias against certain groups or individuals based on their race or gender.
Furthermore, the study noted that even if an individual does manage to gain access through an AI-driven service provider, they may still face significant barriers when trying to understand what is happening with their case due to the complexity of many legal proceedings. This lack of understanding can lead people away from seeking out assistance altogether which further limits their chances for success within the system.
In conclusion, while artificial intelligence holds great promise for improving efficiency and reducing costs associated with accessing justice systems around the world; it appears unlikely that this technology will provide any real benefit when it comes providing equal opportunities for everyone involved in such proceedings by 2023 . It’s important then for governments and other stakeholders alike take steps now ensure equitable outcomes are achieved regardless of technological advances down line so no one gets left behind when it comes time seek out help from courts or other legal bodies .
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