Beijing to Sponsor Key Companies in Developing ChatGPT-Like AI Models - Credit: Reuters

Beijing to Sponsor Key Companies in Developing ChatGPT-Like AI Models

Beijing City has announced plans to support key companies in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) models similar to ChatGPT. The Chinese capital is aiming for these AI models to be ready by 2023, with a focus on improving the city’s digital infrastructure and services.

The announcement was made at an event held by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology (BMCEIT). At the event, BMCEIT Vice Mayor Zhang Yuliang said that Beijing will provide strong support for key enterprises in building AI models like ChatGPT. He added that this effort would help improve the city’s digital infrastructure and services.

ChatGPT is an open-source natural language processing model developed by Microsoft Research Asia which can generate human-like conversations based on given context or conversation history. It uses deep learning techniques such as recurrent neural networks (RNN) and transformers to process text data from various sources including social media posts, news articles, books etc., allowing it to generate more accurate responses than traditional chatbots.

Zhang also noted that Beijing will continue its efforts in developing cutting-edge technologies such as 5G networks, cloud computing platforms, big data analytics systems and blockchain technology over the next few years. These initiatives are part of China’s broader plan to become a global leader in science and technology innovation by 2025.

In addition to supporting key companies in building AI models like ChatGPT, Beijing City is also investing heavily into research & development related activities across different sectors including healthcare, education and transportation among others. This includes providing funding for projects related to autonomous driving vehicles as well as smart cities initiatives aimed at making urban living more efficient through better use of resources such as energy consumption monitoring systems or intelligent traffic control systems etc..

Furthermore ,the government has set up several incubators dedicated towards nurturing startups working on innovative solutions using emerging technologies such as machine learning , virtual reality , augmented reality etc .These incubators have already attracted many entrepreneurs looking forward towards leveraging their ideas into successful businesses .

Moreover ,in order promote collaboration between industry players ,academia & research institutions ;Beijing City has established several joint laboratories focusing on areas ranging from robotics & automation engineering all way up till quantum computing .This initiative aims towards creating a conducive environment where innovators can come together share knowledge & develop new products/services which could potentially revolutionize our lives .

Overall ,it appears that Beijing City is taking all necessary steps required towards becoming one of world’s leading hubs when it comes down technological advancement & innovation .By providing ample opportunities for both local & international talent alike ;this move could prove beneficial not only for citizens but also investors who are looking forward towards investing their money into promising ventures within this space .

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