Britain Sets Up $125 mln Taskforce To Drive AI - Credit: Reuters

Britain Sets Up $125 mln Taskforce To Drive AI

The United Kingdom is making a major investment in the future of artificial intelligence (AI). The government has announced the launch of a new taskforce that will be dedicated to driving AI development and innovation over the next three years. With an initial budget of £125 million, this initiative seeks to make Britain a leader in AI technology and applications.

The taskforce will bring together experts from across industry, academia, and civil society to develop strategies for advancing AI research and development. It will also focus on creating an environment where businesses can thrive while ensuring ethical standards are met. This includes developing best practices for data governance, privacy protection, transparency, accountability, safety measures, and more.

In addition to its work on policy initiatives related to AI technology adoption and deployment, the taskforce will also seek out ways to increase public awareness about how these technologies can benefit society as well as identify potential risks associated with their use. This could include exploring opportunities for public-private partnerships or other forms of collaboration between industry stakeholders such as tech companies or universities.

The UK’s commitment towards becoming a global leader in AI is part of its broader strategy for economic growth through technological advancement. In recent years it has made significant investments into areas such as 5G networks and quantum computing which have helped create jobs while boosting productivity across sectors like manufacturing or finance services industries.

This latest move by the British government shows that it is serious about positioning itself at the forefront of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence which have been identified by many experts as key drivers for economic growth over coming decades due to their potential impact on various aspects including healthcare delivery systems or transportation infrastructure management solutions among others .

By investing now into building up expertise around these topics ,the UK hopes not only to reap immediate benefits but also ensure long term success when it comes time for implementation down the line . As Prime Minister Boris Johnson said “We want Britain leading from front foot when it comes Artificial Intelligence – so we must invest now” .

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