Exclusive: S. Korea Joins AI Race as Startup Rebellions Launches New Chip - Credit: Reuters

Exclusive: S. Korea Joins AI Race as Startup Rebellions Launches New Chip

South Korea is aiming to join the race for artificial intelligence (AI) supremacy, with a new chip set to launch in 2023. The country’s Ministry of Science and ICT announced on Friday that it will invest $1.5 billion over the next five years in AI-related research and development projects, including the creation of a new chip designed specifically for AI applications.

The move comes as South Korea seeks to catch up with other countries such as China and the United States who have already invested heavily in developing their own AI technologies. South Korean President Moon Jae-in has made it clear that he wants his country to become an international leader in this field, saying last year that “we must make sure our nation does not fall behind” when it comes to AI technology.

The new chip is expected to be developed by startup Rebellion Technology Inc., which was founded by former Samsung Electronics Co Ltd executive Kim Jong-hoon earlier this year. It will be based on open source architecture, meaning anyone can use or modify its design without having to pay royalties or licensing fees. This could help reduce costs associated with developing AI applications and make them more accessible for businesses and consumers alike.

Rebellion Technology plans to begin mass production of its chips by 2023, but there are still some challenges ahead before they can reach full commercialization potential: firstly, they need additional funding from venture capitalists; secondly, they need partners who can provide expertise in software engineering; thirdly, they must ensure compatibility between their chipsets and existing hardware platforms; fourthly, they must develop robust security protocols so users’ data remains safe; fifthly, finally ,they must create an ecosystem where developers can easily access tools needed for creating innovative applications using their chipsets .

In order for South Korea’s efforts at becoming an AI powerhouse succeed , these issues all need addressing quickly . Fortunately , the government has pledged its support through various initiatives such as providing tax incentives , investing directly into startups like Rebellion Technology , setting up incubators dedicated solely towards nurturing promising tech companies ,and launching competitions aimed at encouraging innovation within the industry . All these measures should go a long way towards helping South Korea achieve its goal of becoming one of world leaders when it comes Artificial Intelligence technology .

As we enter 2021 , there is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will continue playing an increasingly important role across many industries worldwide – from healthcare & finance right through manufacturing & transportation – making now more than ever before a great time for South Korea take advantage of this opportunity presented before them . With Rebellion Technologies leading charge alongside government backing – plus plenty enthusiasm from entrepreneurs looking capitalize on this rapidly growing market – there’s every reason believe that come 2023 we may well see another major player joining global race dominate Artificial Intelligence space !

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