Inside Meta's Scramble To Catch Up On AI - Credit: Reuters

Inside Meta’s Scramble To Catch Up On AI

Meta, a Silicon Valley startup that has been working on augmented reality (AR) glasses for the past few years, is now turning its attention to artificial intelligence (AI). The company recently announced plans to invest $50 million in AI research and development over the next five years. This move comes as Meta seeks to catch up with other tech giants such as Google and Apple who have already invested heavily in AI technology.

The investment will be used to hire top talent from around the world and build out their own internal team of experts. Meta also plans to partner with universities and research labs in order to gain access to cutting-edge technologies. In addition, they plan on launching an accelerator program for startups focused on developing AI applications.

Meta’s CEO Meron Gribetz believes that this investment will help them stay ahead of the competition by allowing them access to new ideas and technologies before anyone else does. He also sees it as a way for Meta to become more competitive in the AR market which is expected to grow significantly over the next decade or so.

In addition, Gribetz hopes that this investment will help Meta create products that are smarter than what is currently available today. He envisions a future where people can use their AR glasses not only for entertainment purposes but also for productivity tasks such as scheduling meetings or finding information quickly online without having type anything into search engines manually.

It remains unclear how successful Meta’s foray into AI will be but one thing is certain: they are making sure they don’t get left behind when it comes time for companies like Google and Apple make major advancements in this field of technology . With their recent investments, it looks like they’re doing everything possible ensure success down the line .

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