Japan Supports Industrial Use Of Generative Artificial Intelligence - Credit: Reuters

Japan Supports Industrial Use Of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Japan is embracing the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in industrial applications, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Monday. The country’s government will support businesses that are looking to incorporate AI into their operations and plans to create a regulatory framework for its use by 2023.
The move comes as Japan looks to stay competitive in the global economy, where AI has become increasingly important for many industries. In particular, generative AI can be used to automate processes such as product design and manufacturing, which could help Japanese companies remain competitive with other countries that have already adopted similar technologies.
Suga also noted that Japan needs to ensure it is able to keep up with advances in technology so it can continue developing innovative products and services. He added that the government would work closely with industry leaders and experts from academia in order to make sure this happens.
In addition, he said that Japan should look at how other countries are using AI in order to learn from their experiences and apply them domestically. This includes studying how they regulate the technology’s use as well as what kind of ethical considerations need to be taken into account when deploying it commercially or industrially.
Overall, Suga’s announcement signals a shift towards greater acceptance of generative AI within Japan’s business sector – something which could prove beneficial for both domestic firms and foreign investors alike who wish take advantage of its potential benefits while minimizing any associated risks or costs involved with implementation.
The prime minister’s comments come after several major Japanese companies announced plans last year to invest heavily into research related fields such as robotics and machine learning – indicating an increased focus on these areas going forward too. It remains unclear exactly what form this new regulatory framework will take but one thing is certain: Japan is now firmly committed towards making sure its citizens benefit from all the advantages offered by modern-day technological advancements like generative AI .
Japan supports industrial use of generative AI, PM says | Japan Supports Industrial Use Of Generative Artificial Intelligence | Technology | Reuters

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