Lawyers should embrace AI, not be 'scared' - top British civil judge - Credit: Reuters

Lawyers should embrace AI, not be ‘scared’ – top British civil judge

Lawyers should not be afraid of the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal profession, but instead embrace it as a tool to help them do their jobs better and faster. This is according to Lord Justice Briggs, one of Britain’s most senior civil judges.
Speaking at an event hosted by the Law Society last week, he said that AI could help lawyers “do more with less” and free up time for them to focus on higher-value tasks such as strategic advice. He also noted that AI can provide access to justice for those who would otherwise struggle to afford it.

Lord Justice Briggs acknowledged that there are some ethical considerations when using AI in law – particularly around data privacy – but argued that these issues could be addressed through appropriate regulation and oversight. He added that while technology may never replace human judgement entirely, it can certainly make life easier for lawyers by automating certain processes or providing quick answers to questions they might have about a case or client matter.

The judge went on to say that embracing new technologies like AI was essential if the legal profession was going to remain competitive in today’s digital world. He urged lawyers not only to keep up with developments in this area but also take advantage of opportunities presented by them – such as offering virtual court hearings or online dispute resolution services which could save clients both time and money compared with traditional methods of resolving disputes.

In conclusion, Lord Justice Briggs encouraged all members of the legal profession – from barristers and solicitors right through to judges -to embrace new technologies like artificial intelligence rather than fear them; noting how they can improve efficiency and access justice for those who need it most without compromising quality standards or ethics within the industry itself.

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