Good AI vs Bad AI: Artificial Intelligence takes RSA Conference by storm - Credit: SC Magazine

Good AI vs Bad AI: Artificial Intelligence takes RSA Conference by storm

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the talk of the town at this year’s RSA Conference, with experts discussing both its potential and its pitfalls. AI has been a hot topic in recent years, as it is being used to automate processes and make decisions that were once done by humans. But there are two sides to every coin – good AI and bad AI – which can have vastly different outcomes for businesses.

Good AI is designed to help companies become more efficient and productive, while bad AI can lead to costly mistakes or even security breaches if not properly monitored. The key difference between the two lies in how they are programmed: Good AI is programmed with ethical principles in mind, while bad AI may be created without any consideration for ethics or safety protocols.

At the conference, experts discussed ways that businesses can use good AI responsibly and ethically. They emphasized the importance of having clear policies around data collection and usage; ensuring transparency when using algorithms; creating safeguards against bias; providing oversight over automated decision-making processes; and establishing an audit trail so that any errors or issues can be identified quickly. Additionally, they suggested developing systems that allow users to opt out of certain types of data collection or processing if desired.

The panelists also highlighted some of the challenges associated with implementing good AI practices within organizations. For example, many companies lack resources dedicated solely to monitoring their algorithms’ performance on an ongoing basis – something which could be essential for detecting problems before they cause serious damage. Furthermore, there may be difficulty obtaining buy-in from stakeholders who don’t understand why such measures need to be taken in order for a company’s operations run smoothly and securely using artificial intelligence technology .

Overall though , it was agreed upon by all presenters at RSA Conference 2020 that responsible use of artificial intelligence will benefit everyone involved – from customers whose privacy is protected ,to employees whose jobs remain secure due to proper oversight . As long as businesses take steps towards incorporating ethical principles into their programming ,they should see positive results from utilizing this powerful technology .

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