An AI Hit of Fake 'Drake' and 'The Weeknd' Rattles the Music World - Credit: Seattle Times

An AI Hit of Fake ‘Drake’ and ‘The Weeknd’ Rattles the Music World

The music industry has been shaken up by the recent release of a song created entirely by artificial intelligence (AI). The track, titled “Daddy’s Car”, was composed using AI technology and features vocals that sound like they could have come from Drake or The Weeknd. It is the first time an AI-generated song has made it to the public domain and its success has left many in the music world wondering what this means for their future.

The track was created by researchers at Sony CSL Research Laboratory in Japan who used a type of machine learning called Flow Machines to generate musical compositions. They fed over 13,000 lead sheets into the system which allowed it to learn how different melodies interact with each other and create new ones. After creating several drafts of songs, they chose one that sounded most like something Drake or The Weeknd would sing about – hence why it sounds so similar to them!

This isn’t just a novelty either; people are actually enjoying listening to “Daddy’s Car” as evidenced by its growing popularity on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. This raises some interesting questions about whether we will see more AI-generated music being released in the future and if so, how will this affect musicians? Will there be less demand for human composers? Or will AI simply be seen as another tool for artists to use when creating their own work?

It’s clear that artificial intelligence is making waves in all areas of our lives including music production but only time will tell what impact this technology really has on our industry. For now though, let us enjoy “Daddy’s Car” while we can – after all, it may well be remembered as one of history’s first ever hits generated solely through AI!
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