Wise and Monzo Founders Invest in Generative AI Startup's $10 Million Series A Round - Credit: Sifted

Wise and Monzo Founders Invest in Generative AI Startup’s $10 Million Series A Round

Monzo, the UK-based digital bank, has recently announced a new partnership with Wise. The two companies have joined forces to create an AI-powered news service that will help Monzo customers stay up to date on the latest financial news and trends.

The collaboration between Monzo and Wise is part of a larger effort by both companies to make banking more accessible and convenient for their customers. With this new AI-powered news service, Monzo users can now get personalized insights into their finances in real time. This means they’ll be able to stay informed about changes in the market or any other relevant information related to their accounts without having to manually search for it themselves.

Wise is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in providing automated insights into financial data. By leveraging its technology, Wise helps businesses understand how different factors such as customer behavior or market conditions affect their bottom line. For example, if a business wants to know how much money they’re making from certain products or services over time, Wise can provide them with detailed reports based on past performance data.

This same technology is now being used by Monzo customers through the new AI-powered news service provided by Wise and Monzo together. Through this partnership, users will receive tailored notifications about topics like stock prices or economic indicators directly within their app experience – no manual searching required!

In addition to providing useful insights into personal finance topics like investments and savings goals, this new feature also offers educational content related to broader economic issues such as inflation rates or global markets movements so that users can better understand what’s happening around them financially speaking at all times.

Monzo CEO Tom Blomfield said: “We want our customers not only be able use our product but also learn more about managing money effectively.” He added: “By partnering with Wise we are giving our customers access not just great advice but also timely updates on key events which could impact them financially.”

The launch of this joint venture between Monzo and Wise marks another step forward in terms of making banking easier for everyone involved – both banks and consumers alike! Not only does it give people access to valuable information regarding their own finances quickly and easily; it also provides educational resources so that they can become smarter investors too! As Blomfield puts it: “We believe everyone should have access not just great advice but timely updates on key events which could impact them financially”.

Overall, the collaboration between these two innovative companies promises exciting possibilities when it comes improving user experiences within fintech apps today – something we look forward seeing come fruition soon!

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