'Freaky' Promotion Digits Lead to Unbelievable Sight at Chinese VIP Yacht Party - Credit: South China Morning Post

‘Freaky’ Promotion Digits Lead to Unbelievable Sight at Chinese VIP Yacht Party

A luxury yacht party in China has sunk after a freaky and sexy promotional video went viral. The event, which promised VIP maid service, was scheduled to take place on the Yangtze River near Chongqing this weekend.

The video for the event featured scantily-clad women with unnaturally long fingers and nails that looked fake. It also showed men wearing masks while drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The images were deemed too risqué by Chinese authorities who quickly shut down the event before it could even begin.

The organizers of the yacht party had advertised it as an exclusive experience for wealthy guests who wanted to enjoy a luxurious night out on the river with their friends. They said they would provide high-end catering services, including champagne, sushi platters, and other delicacies from around the world. Guests were also promised VIP maids who would serve them drinks throughout the evening – something that raised eyebrows among many viewers of the promotional video online.

Many people took to social media to express their shock at what they saw in the clip: “What kind of sick person organizes such events?” one user wrote on Weibo; another commented: “This is not only illegal but immoral!”

The backlash against this type of entertainment is growing in China as more people become aware of its potential dangers – particularly when it comes to young women being exploited by unscrupulous promoters or businessmen looking for a good time without any regard for safety or morality. In response to these concerns, local governments have been cracking down on such activities across China over recent months, leading some promoters to cancel their events altogether rather than risk getting into trouble with authorities.

This latest incident serves as yet another reminder that there are still plenty of risks associated with hosting parties like these in China – especially if you don’t follow all relevant laws and regulations regarding public gatherings or advertising standards set by government agencies like cyberspace administration offices (CAC). As well as potentially facing fines or jail time if caught breaking rules related to organizing events like these, those involved may also be subjecting themselves (and others) to serious physical harm due lack proper security measures being taken during such occasions – making it important for everyone involved in planning similar types of gatherings understand exactly what’s expected from them before going ahead with anything else related thereto..

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