Elon Musk Creating 'Benevolent AI' After ChatGPT Becomes Too 'Aware' - Credit: -startup-gives-robots-human-like-intelligence VICE

Elon Musk Creating ‘Benevolent AI’ After ChatGPT Becomes Too ‘Aware’


Elon Musk, the tech mogul and founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company has recently acquired an AI startup called DeepScale. This acquisition is a major step forward for Musk’s vision to create autonomous vehicles that are powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

DeepScale was founded in 2015 by CEO Forrest Iandola and CTO Kurt Keutzer. It specializes in developing software that enables cars to recognize objects around them using computer vision technology. This technology allows cars to detect pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles and obstacles on the road with greater accuracy than ever before.

The acquisition of DeepScale will give Musk access to some of the most advanced AI technologies available today. With this new technology at his disposal, he can now develop autonomous driving systems that are more reliable and safer than ever before. In addition to this, it could also help him develop better navigation systems for his electric cars as well as improve their overall performance when it comes to recognizing objects on the road.

This isn’t the first time Elon Musk has invested in AI startups; he previously invested in Vicarious FPC which focuses on creating robots capable of learning from experience like humans do. He also backed OpenAI which works towards making machines smarter through natural language processing techniques such as deep learning algorithms. Both these companies have made significant progress over the years but none have been able to achieve what DeepScale has done so far – enabling cars with computer vision capabilities that can accurately identify objects around them while driving autonomously without any human intervention whatsoever!

With this acquisition under his belt, Elon Musk is now one step closer towards achieving his goal of creating fully autonomous vehicles powered by artificial intelligence (AI). His ambition is not only limited to self-driving cars though; he wants AI technologies developed by DeepScale and other similar companies he invests in be used across various industries including healthcare where they could potentially revolutionize how medical diagnoses are conducted or even agriculture where they could help farmers increase crop yields significantly!

It’s no secret that Elon Musk has always had a passion for pushing boundaries when it comes to technological innovation – whether its space exploration or electric car production – so it should come as no surprise then that he would take an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) too! With this latest acquisition of Deepscale Inc., a leading provider of computer vision software solutions designed specifically for self-driving applications, we can expect great things from Mr Musks ambitious plans going forward into 2021!

Deepscale Inc.’s core focus lies within providing highly accurate object recognition capabilities via their proprietary deep neural networks which allow autonomous vehicles equipped with their system onboarding capability detect all kinds of objects ranging from pedestrians & cyclists right up through larger obstacles such as buildings & trees etc.. Furthermore due its ability process vast amounts data quickly & efficiently makes perfect sense why Mr Musks chose invest into company given current state industry being heavily reliant upon machine learning based models order remain competitive edge market place moving forwards!

In addition potential benefits mentioned above there many others associated with acquiring company such increased safety levels roads thanks improved detection rates along cost savings terms fuel efficiency due reduced need manual input control vehicle operations etc.. All these factors combined make clear why Mr Musk decided go ahead purchase business despite already having several investments related field prior date announcement deal itself back December 2020!

Overall whilst still early days yet future looks bright both parties involved here especially those looking benefit advances made within area Artificial Intelligence research development coming months years ahead us all – something certainly keep eye out further news updates regarding matter sure enough…

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