Grimes Endorses AI Songs And “Killing Copyright” - Credit: Stereogum

Grimes Endorses AI Songs And “Killing Copyright”

Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes recently made headlines when she endorsed the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to create songs. In a recent interview, Grimes discussed her views on copyright and how it should be handled in the future. She believes that AI could help to eliminate copyright issues by creating original music without infringing on anyone’s rights.

Grimes is no stranger to pushing boundaries with her own music, often incorporating elements from different genres into her work. Her latest album “Miss Anthropocene” was released last year and featured a wide range of sounds from industrial rock to ambient electronica. It seems like she has now taken this approach one step further by embracing AI as an alternative way of creating new music.

In the interview, Grimes argued that copyright laws are outdated and need to be changed in order for artists to continue making money off their creations. She believes that AI could provide a solution by allowing musicians to generate unique works without having to worry about legal repercussions or infringement claims from other artists or labels. This would also open up opportunities for collaboration between humans and machines which could lead to some interesting results!

Grimes also suggested that if copyright laws were abolished altogether then it would allow more people access to creative works which they may not have been able afford before due financial restrictions imposed by current regulations. This would mean more people being exposed art forms such as music, film, literature etc., something which many believe is essential for cultural growth and development within society today.

It remains unclear whether or not these ideas will become reality anytime soon but it certainly raises some interesting questions about the future of creativity in our digital age where technology plays an ever increasing role in our lives each day! Whether you agree with Grimes’ views or not there’s no denying that this is an important conversation worth having as we move forward into uncharted territory together!

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