Bing's AI Quoting COVID Disinformation Generated by Itself: An Unexpected Consequence of AI - Credit: TechCrunch

Bing’s AI Quoting COVID Disinformation Generated by Itself: An Unexpected Consequence of AI

AI is Eating Itself: Bing’s AI Quotes Covid Disinfo Sourced from ChatGPT

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, and it seems that its capabilities are only increasing. Recently, Microsoft’s search engine Bing was found to be using AI-generated quotes sourced from a chatbot called ChatGPT in order to answer questions about the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, this resulted in some inaccurate information being spread on the platform.

This incident highlights an important issue with AI technology – namely, that it can sometimes produce results which are not entirely accurate or reliable. This is because AI systems often rely on large datasets for their training and these datasets may contain errors or bias which can lead to incorrect conclusions being drawn by the system. In addition, as more data is added to an AI system over time, it can become increasingly difficult for humans to monitor and control what results are produced by the system.

In this particular case, Bing had used a dataset created by ChatGPT which contained misinformation about COVID-19 such as false claims about treatments and cures for the virus. As a result of this dataset being used by Bing’s AI system, users were presented with inaccurate information when searching for answers related to COVID-19 on the platform.

Fortunately though, Microsoft acted quickly once they became aware of this issue and removed all content generated by ChatGPT from their search engine results pages (SERPs). They also released a statement apologizing for any confusion caused by these erroneous results and stated that they would be taking steps to ensure similar incidents do not occur again in future.

It is clear then that while artificial intelligence has many potential benefits when applied correctly – such as providing faster access to relevant information – there are still risks associated with its use if proper precautions aren’t taken beforehand. For example, companies should always check any datasets they use carefully before allowing them into their systems so as not to risk spreading false or misleading information through their platforms inadvertently like what happened here with Bing’s SERPs quoting Covid disinfo sourced from ChatGPT . Additionally , organizations should also consider implementing additional safeguards such as regular monitoring of outputted data so that any issues can be identified quickly before they cause too much damage .

Overall , although mistakes like those made recently will inevitably happen due to human error , we must remain vigilant against them if we want our society ’ s reliance on technology – including artificial intelligence -to continue growing safely . By doing so , we will ensure both businesses and consumers alike benefit fully from all of its advantages without having worry about potentially dangerous consequences arising out of ignorance or negligence .

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