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bot Generative AI Search Engine Startup Adds Multimodal Chatbot – Daily Crunch

Generative AI Search Engine Startup Adds Multimodal Chat, a startup that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) to power its search engine, has announced the addition of multimodal chat capabilities to its platform. The new feature will allow users to communicate with each other in text and voice formats, as well as through images and videos. This marks an important step forward for the company’s mission of creating a more intuitive way for people to find what they need online.

The idea behind is simple: instead of relying on traditional keyword-based searches, it uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand user queries and generate results based on context rather than exact matches. This means that when you type in a query such as “What are the best restaurants near me?” you get back relevant results even if your words don’t match up exactly with those used by restaurant owners or reviewers who have written about them online.

The addition of multimodal chat capabilities takes this concept one step further by allowing users to interact directly with each other using text, voice messages, images and videos – all within the same interface provided by’s search engine platform. This makes it easier for people looking for specific information or advice from others who may be able to provide it quickly and accurately without having to switch between different apps or websites first.

This new feature also opens up opportunities for businesses that want to use’s platform as part of their customer service strategy; they can now offer customers direct access via chatbot conversations powered by NLP technology instead of relying solely on email support or phone calls which can often take longer and require more effort from both parties involved in order resolve any issues at hand efficiently .

In addition, this move could help boost engagement levels among users since they now have another way besides typing out their questions into a search box in order gain access relevant content related topics they’re interested in learning more about – something which could prove especially useful during times when there isn’t much else going on due internet restrictions imposed due pandemic-related lockdowns around world .

Overall , adding multimodal chat capabilities represents an exciting development not only for You . com but also anyone looking make most out their time spent searching online . With this new feature , users can now easily connect with each other while still getting accurate answers quickly thanks NLP technology powering behind scenes – making sure everyone gets what they need faster than ever before !

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