Four Investors Explain Why AI Ethics Can't Be An Afterthought - Credit: TechCrunch

Four Investors Explain Why AI Ethics Can’t Be An Afterthought

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become more prevalent in our lives, the need for ethical considerations has never been greater. AI is being used in a variety of ways, from healthcare and finance to transportation and retail. With so many applications, it’s important that we ensure these technologies are developed responsibly. To better understand how investors view AI ethics, TechCrunch recently surveyed four venture capitalists who have invested in companies developing AI-based products or services.

The survey revealed that all four investors believe that ethical considerations should be taken into account when investing in an AI company. They also agreed that there needs to be a clear understanding of the potential risks associated with using such technology before any investment is made. The investors noted that they look for companies with strong leadership teams who can effectively manage risk and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations when developing their products or services.

When asked about what specific steps they take to evaluate an AI company’s ethical practices, two of the investors said they focus on ensuring transparency throughout the development process by asking questions about data collection methods and privacy policies as well as reviewing code reviews for accuracy and completeness. The other two emphasized the importance of having a diverse team working on projects related to AI ethics; this includes people from different backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to decision making processes within the organization.

Finally, all four investors agreed that while it may not always be possible to anticipate every potential issue related to using artificial intelligence ethically, taking proactive steps towards addressing them can help minimize risk down the line. This could include establishing internal guidelines around data usage or creating external partnerships with organizations focused on promoting responsible use of technology across industries like healthcare or finance where sensitive information is involved.

It’s clear from our survey results that investor attitudes towards incorporating ethical considerations into investments involving artificial intelligence are positive overall; however there is still work left to do in order for us all feel confident about its safe deployment across various sectors going forward . Companies must continue striving towards building trust between themselves and their customers by demonstrating commitment towards responsible use of technology through transparent practices which prioritize safety over profit margins at all times .

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