German Startup Kern AI Secures Seed Funding for Modular Natural Language Processing Platform - Credit: TechCrunch

German Startup Kern AI Secures Seed Funding for Modular Natural Language Processing Platform

German startup Kern AI has secured seed funding to develop a modular natural language processing (NLP) platform. The Berlin-based company announced the news today, saying that it had raised €2 million from investors including Earlybird Venture Capital and Atlantic Labs.

Kern AI was founded in 2020 by CEO Dr. Michael Köhler and CTO Dr. Johannes Schöning, both of whom have extensive experience in artificial intelligence research and development. The company’s mission is to make NLP technology more accessible for developers of all levels of expertise, allowing them to quickly build powerful applications without having to learn complex algorithms or write lengthy code.

The new platform will provide developers with an intuitive interface that allows them to easily create custom models using pre-trained components such as sentiment analysis, text classification, entity extraction and question answering modules. Developers can also use the platform’s API integration capabilities to connect their own data sources or third-party services like Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services for further customization options.

Kern AI believes its modular approach will help bridge the gap between existing NLP solutions which are either too expensive or require significant technical knowledge for implementation – making it easier for businesses of any size to take advantage of this rapidly growing field of technology without breaking the bank or needing a team full of experts on hand at all times.

The seed funding round marks an important milestone for Kern AI as they continue their journey towards becoming one of Europe’s leading providers in natural language processing technologies – helping companies unlock valuable insights from unstructured data faster than ever before while reducing costs associated with traditional methods such as manual coding and training large datasets over long periods time . With this investment they plan on expanding their team so they can accelerate product development even further while continuing to focus on providing customers with best-in-class support throughout every step along the way .

In addition , Kern AI plans on leveraging its newly acquired funds towards building out partnerships within various industries , enabling them access cutting edge NLP tools tailored specifically towards solving problems unique each sector . This could include anything from healthcare providers looking better understand patient records through automated summarization processes , financial institutions seeking improved fraud detection systems , or ecommerce sites wanting more accurate customer segmentation based off user behaviour patterns .

Overall , Kern AI is well positioned capitalize on current market trends thanks strong founding team combined with innovative product offering . As demand continues grow across multiple sectors due increasing complexity surrounding big data analytics projects – we expect see great things come out this German startup moving forward into future !

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